"Butterflies waiting for their their turn

they used to be ugly worms

No one taught them how to fly

they just opened their wings

to try...."

About GEA

GEA is a stage name for Helsinki based singer-songwriter Laura Avonius. Her debut EP “Pink” (released April 25th 2017) and  Butterflies album (released September 9th 2017) are based on her collaboration with a multi-talented sound artist, musician and producer Mikko H. Haapoja. GEA debuted live in New York, in November 2016.

GEA’s sound is described to be light and airy, full of magic and mystery. The songs are like the landscape of the singer-songwriters’ native Finland; cool, cascading, vibrant and serene. The songs are based on piano led acoustic instrumentations combined with minimalistic electronic arrangements giving room to the authenticity and rawness of emotions and vocals. There are also some traditional Finnish folk instruments used in a modern context, creating an interesting atmosphere, and giving new life to some almost forgotten instruments. Music bloggers / reviews have compared her to Björk, Kate Bush and Sigur Rós.




"Finnish singer-songwriter GEA’s newly released debut EP, ‘Pink,’ is a stunning epitome of the authentic rawness many people experience as they contend with their obstacles in the daunting modern world. Through her captivating collaboration with versatile sound artist, musician and producer, Mikko H. Haapoja, the European singer powerfully created stunning songs that are led by vibrant acoustic and minimalistic electronic arrangements. Also aided by a serene and interesting backing of traditional folk instruments, the Finnish musician effortlessly crafted songs that are fueled by a rawness of emotions that are amidst a serene atmosphere. " Karen Benardello, Shock Ya! 


Pink EP is available April 25th onward in iTunes and Spotify.

Listen in advance from Soundcloud:

Premiere: GEA - Alone (Official Music Video)

Ethereal songstress GEA, delivers her strongest work yet. Her new visual for "Alone" is a triumph, as she showcases earth's captivating landscape. Using a drone, Icelandic director, Tomas Marshall invites us to follow the talented singer-songwriter on a journey to discover herself. Walking barefoot in desolate fields, she contemplates solitude. Allowing for an emotional portrayal of the transition from heartbreak to fulfillment. Letting go of who she once was, she paves her future adorned in white. Pronouncing her purity, she washes away her past.

In a world so large, it is easy to get tied up in minuscule thoughts laced with doubt and hinderance, neglecting to go beyond our individual scope.

GEA powers through such obstructions and offers an incredible work.

Premiere: GEA – Pink (Official Music Video)

One great thing that has come out of folk music in the modern age is that it’s become more of an attitude. We live in a world where, arguably, an artist like RiverChild is just as “folk” as, say Angel Olsen—after all, this site right here has covered them both! So, when an artist comes along with a synth-brush, hushed affair along the lines of Sigur Ros or Mogwai like Helsinki-born and bred GEA, we are happy to jump at the occasion to offer them a spotlight. So long as their craftsmanship embraces a compelling story, it still bears the one common thread that all folk music has maintained for as long as anyone could possibly remember.

The Finnish artist takes cues from the latest Bon Iver in developing an offbeat, hypnotic soundscape for listeners to become ensnared in on her new single, “Pink”. The accommodating music video is equally as captivating in its tranquility as it depicts GEA quite literally burning away her past beside some stunning natural scenery. Most notably for new listeners of the artist may very well be how purely scintillating her voice alone is, and how easy it is to get lost in its lilting qualities on this record—much in the same way that one might in the aural landscapes often produced by Aurora when she sings. Jonathan Frahm For Folk's Sake.