"Laura Avonius, who records under the moniker GEA, creates the kind of ethereal pop that draws comparisons to Sigur Ros. Lushly orchestral, the songs wrap themselves seductively around you until you are listening with all of your senses."
Chris Kompanek, Huffington Post, On the Culture Front
"The most striking thing about GEA is their ability to weave traditional Scandanavian instruments and sounds into what is generally an ambient song base. This caught the band quite a bit of critical attention ahead of the release of Butterflies, but no one was prepared for how varied this album would be."
Layla Marino, Your EDM
"Butterflies is their most anticipated debut LP where you can find some very interesting organic and unorganic tunes and melodies which capture the essence of the Finlandian culture, combined with the electronic sounds of today’s world music reality."
Nancy Chalkopoulou, We Plug Good Music
"The sounds captured on Butterflies are equally ephemeral, flitting to and fro, delightfully restless in their quest and attainment of beautiful melodies and charming harmonies. There is also plenty of introspection, lyrics-wise, about uncertainty, self-identity, fear of change, and emotional strength and metamorphosis."
Jen Dan, Stereo Embers

Watch Hollywood awarded music video Alone!

GEA’s music video Alone won Hollywood Intl Golden Film Award for best editing, and has been screened at WILLiFEST and WNY Film, Art, and Music Event (Fame).


About GEA

Electro-folk / artpop act GEA’s sound is described to be light and airy, full of magic and mystery. The songs are based on piano/keyboard led instrumentations combined with minimalistic electronic arrangements giving room to the authenticity and rawness of emotions and vocals. There are also some traditional Finnish folk instruments used in a modern context, creating an interesting atmosphere, and giving new life to some almost forgotten instruments.

GEA released her debut album Butterflies (written by GEA, and produced by Mikko H Haapoja) on September 11th 2017 in New York followed by a series of live performances in US and Mexico, where she performed at Festival Ajusco. The album was chosen among best albums 2017 top 100 by The NBT Music Radio. In November 2017 GEA was chosen as “going up” (Nosteessa) artist of the week by national radio station YleX in Finland. GEA’s music video Alone won Hollywood Intl Golden Film Award 2017 for best editing. GEA’s song Pink won Best Soundtrack Award at Social Machinery Film Festival in Italy.

"What makes Butterflies most interesting from an electronic standpoint is how the group uses traditional, almost folk-adjacent beat structures in many of their tracks like “Followers” and “Real You and Me” but turns them into ambient electronic beats, adding a modern context but also a deeper layer than both the average indie pop and the average ambient. It also very much re-affirms what Bjork and some others say about electronic music indeed being ancient and tribal, no matter what compositional medium is used. In GEA’s case it’s a mix of analog and electronic media, and the result is stark and gorgeous." Layla Marino, Your EDM.