Watch Alone!

GEA’s music video Alone has received five music festival nominations and will be screened at WILLiFEST and WNY Film, Art, and Music Event (Fame). Screenings take place September 15-17 2017.


About GEA

GEA is a stage name for Helsinki based singer-songwriter Laura Avonius. Her debut EP “Pink” (released April 25th 2017) and  Butterflies album (released September 9th 2017) are based on her collaboration with a multi-talented sound artist, musician and producer Mikko H. Haapoja. GEA debuted live in New York, in November 2016.

GEA’s sound is described to be light and airy, full of magic and mystery. The songs are like the landscape of the singer-songwriters’ native Finland; cool, cascading, vibrant and serene. The songs are based on piano led acoustic instrumentations combined with minimalistic electronic arrangements giving room to the authenticity and rawness of emotions and vocals. There are also some traditional Finnish folk instruments used in a modern context, creating an interesting atmosphere, and giving new life to some almost forgotten instruments. Music bloggers / reviews have compared her to Björk, Kate Bush and Sigur Rós.