Ellenwood EP: Butterflies Album Review

Written by Layla Marino

Ellenwood-EP debuted GEA, an ambient indie pop group out of Finland a few months ago with their groundbreaking video for “Pink”. It was the first single off their now released Butterflies album. “Pink” and “Alone,” were released months before Butterflies and by the time the third, “Wind” was released, critics were clamoring for the full album. As a quiet and operatic cross between Bjork and Tori Amos with their piano-infused electronica, GEA have created a category all their own with Butterflies.

In addition to pitch-perfect operatic vocals, sparse and resonant piano accompaniments and electronic flourishes when needed, GEA weave traditional Scandanavian instruments and sounds into each track, adding to the haunting and timleless quality of their sound. That said, the album is surprisingly varied. Tracks like the almost completely analog “Little Detail” and “Wind” border on experimental, while “Followers” and “Real You and Me” incorporate electronic music into folk-adjacent beat structures. This tactic adds a complexity to GEA’s sound which audiences may not even notice. The execution of the music in addition to what is done with the ambient space is always what takes a song from technically interesting to evocative and transcendent, and GEA have certainly mastered this on Butterflies. 

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