Essentially Pop: Its All Pink with Debut Album From Finnish Singer-Songwriter Gea

Using the stagename GEA, Helsinki based singer-songwriter Laura Avonius is set to release her debut album, ‘Pink’, on April 25.

Growing up in Northern Finland, Laura developed a close relationship with nature and the extremes of light and darkness that comes with a living in the Arctic Circle. Always musical, she was accepted into the conservatoire at the tender age of six, where she was studied piano, and while still in her early years at school, she composed for her school choir. Later as an adult, she found her songwriting allowed her to have a voice in a particularly dark period of her life. She describes her music as being holistic and intuition based, and even wrote one of her songs while asleep.

With a light and airy sound, ‘Pink’ is a collaboration between GEA and multi-talented sound artist, musician, and producer, Mikko H Haapoja. Based on piano-led acoustics mixed with a stripped back electronic arrangement – as well as traditional Finnish folk instruments – there is plenty of room for authentic and raw emotions and vocals. GEA has been compared favourably to alternative artists including Bjork, Kate Bush, and sigur rós.

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