Huffington Post: On the Culture Front – Music from the Underground, Part 14

Written by Chris Kompanek

Laura Avonius, who records under the moniker GEA, creates the kind of ethereal pop that draws comparisons to Sigur Ros. Lushly orchestral, the songs wrap themselves seductively around you until you are listening with all of your senses. Avonius draws on her upbringing in northern Finland both musically and thematically. The Lapland landscape is both intensely beautiful and daunting for its extreme climate and vacillation between intensely light and endlessly dark. Now based in Helsinki, Avonius teemed up with a trio of musicians to realize her vision for her debut LP, “Butterflies.” Horn and string arrangements buttress introspective piano driven tracks like “Alone.” The opening piano riff is a catchy pop hook played with melancholy and echoes of Fiona Apple. It’s augmented by a violin trill played by producer Mikko H Haapoja that becomes the backbone of the song’s melody. On the following track, “Little Detail,” another Mikko (Kangas) steals the show with a trumpet solo that envelops the melody while expanding upon it.

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