Mogul: Watch “Pink” by GEA

“Originating from Helsinki, GEA’s has often been compared to notable artists such as Kate Bush, Florence and the Machine, and even Sigur Ros. GEA’s unique, experimental sound is one that has taken many listeners by storm as they are blasted by its serene, yet unprecedented beauty that is captured and held within each chord.

GEA has released a new single from her upcoming debut album, titled ‘Pink’ to be released in April 2017, which features a surreal combination of sounds, rhythms and instrumentation to accompany her angelic and soothing voice. In GEA’s own words, the sound is ‘full of mystery’ and reflective of the singer’s landscape in native Finland. Those that are also Finnish will be reminded of the dreamscape-like aesthetics in which they originated from as they play this album from beginning to end.

GEA has gained buzz in recent months, playing at the Finnish Art and Design Festival in New York, multiple fashion events, and has recognized in the semi-finals in the esteemed Los Angeles CineFest.”

Review by Marie Flounoy, Mogul. Read the full review.

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