Sensible Reason: Finnish Singer/Songwriter GEA Makes An Ethereal Statement With Debut ‘Pink’ EP

It is no secret that Europe produces some of the best ethereal female vocalists in the world. Inspired by the likes of Anna von Hausswolff, Florence and The Machine and Björk, Finnish vocalist GEA has grabbed our attention with her bright and uplifting ballads. GEA is a stage name for Helsinki based singer-songwriter Laura Avonius. The debut album, Pink, is based on her collaboration with a multi-talented sound artist, musician and producer Mikko H. Haapoja. The songs are based on piano-led acoustic instrumentations combined with minimalist electronic arrangements giving room to the authenticity and rawness of emotions and vocals. There are also some traditional Finnish folk instruments used in a modern context, creating an interesting atmosphere, and giving new life to some almost forgotten instruments. The songs are like the landscape of the singer-songwriters’ native Finland; cool, cascading, vibrant and serene.

Laura grew up in the Northern Finland, in close relationship with the nature and extreme seasons of light and darkness. She was accepted to a conservatoire at the age of six to study piano playing. During her early school years, she composed songs for the school choir. Songwriting picked her up again as an adult during a dark period of her life and gave her a voice. Her songwriting technique is holistic and intuition based. It happens in a special moment where lyrics, melody and music take form all at the same time. She wrote one of her songs in her sleep.

Mikko H. Haapoja is a versatile music professional – a producer, composer, musician, mixing engineer and a media & sound artist from Helsinki, Finland. Haapoja works fluently with various music genres from acoustic folk music to contemporary electronic music, from alternative rap to indie pop. In 2014-2016 Haapoja’s sound art project The Routes of Helsinki has been presented in many galleries, Helsinki City Museum, Music Centre and in public city space, including metro platforms of Helsinki Central Railway station.

The combination of these two musicians is a wonderful mix of indie pop, art pop and experimental electronic music. Connect with GEA on Facebook and SoundCloud.

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