Shock Ya! GEA Pink EP Review By Karen Benardell

Artist: Laura Avonius (who goes by stage name GEA)

Members/Instruments: GEA: songwriting, vocals and piano; Mikko H Haapoja: strings, electronics, bass, production and backing vocals; Matti Pitkänen: (visiting two songs) drums and vibraphone

EP: Pink

Finnish singer-songwriter GEA’s newly released debut EP, ‘Pink,’ is a stunning epitome of the authentic rawness many people experience as they contend with their obstacles in the daunting modern world. Through her captivating collaboration with versatile sound artist, musician and producer, Mikko H. Haapoja, the European singer powerfully created stunning songs that are led by vibrant acoustic and minimalistic electronic arrangements. Also aided by a serene and interesting backing of traditional folk instruments, the Finnish musician effortlessly crafted songs that are fueled by a rawness of emotions that are amidst a serene atmosphere.

GEA, which serves as the stage name for Laura Avonius, grew up in Northern Finland, in close relationship with nature and the extreme seasons of light and darkness. Now living in Helsinki, GEA’s songwriting technique is holistic and intuition based, which helps create the special moment where her lyrics, melody and music take form all at the same time.

‘Pink’ starts with the brilliantly experimental entry, ‘Followers,’ which perfectly showcases the unique style and tone that GEA naturally embodies in all forms of her music. GEA and Haapoja rightfully decided to mix the singer’s daring sound with traditional Finnish folk instruments, including classic bells and strings, as well as with a highly syncopated digital beat. The duo fearlessly decided to create an arrangement that would equally focus on the memorable background instruments with the singer’s striking soprano vocals.

‘Followers’ transitions into the album’s title song, which serves as ‘Pink’s first single. The track undoubtedly highlights the singer’s tantalizing vocals, even more so than what was presented on its predecessor. A subtle piano, as well as a harmonium, which is a smaller pipe organ that’s mainly known throughout the musician’s native Europe, perfectly accompanies her occasionally subdued vocals, which never falter on the tune. The minimalist moments of GEA’s vocals naturally recall her classical and traditional background and training

GEA’s tranquil record then delves into the captivating entry, ‘Alone,’ which features a hypnotic soundscape that’s fueled by a piano-led acoustic string instrumentation. Combined with its minimalistic electronic arrangements and ethereal harmonies, the song perfectly infuses authentic emotions into the singer’s vocals.

After then including the pop-driven song, ‘Wind,’ which also features GEA’s signature soothing piano chords and vocals, ‘Pink’ then delves into its most noteworthy track, ‘Steps Out of Sight.’ Fueled by alluring strings, the musician crafted a piece that reflects on life’s most relatable melancholy. The inspirational tune would be the perfect piece to score an emotional scene in a dramatic film, during which the characters feel as though have gone through a striking journey of self-discovery and empowerment together.

The alluring EP then transitions into the mesmerizing entry, ‘Enemy,’ which features a haunting piano that helps drive GEA’s search for her identity. The musician harrowingly admits that the man she’s connected with can at times represent her enemy, as they don’t always fit together. But despite the conflicts they’ve been forced to overcome together, she realizes that he’s her destiny=, and he represents home to her.

‘Pink’ ends with the insightful demo, ‘Real You And Me,’ which highlights the recording process as GEA puts her songs together. The musician combines traditional and folksy vocals and Finnish instruments, including the kantele. The singer powerfully embraces the stunning journey she has embarked on in order to achieve her goals and honor her experiences on the emotionally reflective tune.

GEA’s newly released debut EP, ‘Pink,’ is an impressive embodiment of the genuine rawness many people experience as they contend with their challenges in the at-times disheartening contemporary world. Through her compelling collaboration with Haapoja, the European musician effortlessly created gripping songs that are led by vibrant acoustic and minimalistic electronic arrangements. Also aided by a riveting backing of traditional folk instruments, the singer naturally crafted songs that are fueled by a rawness of emotions amidst a serene atmosphere.

For more information on GEA, visit her official website, as well as her Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud pages. Listen to ‘Pink,’ the first single from the singer-songwriter’s debut EP of the same name, below.

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