Finland Artist GEA Releases Entrancing New Album ‘Butterflies’

Written by Jessica Golich

Upholding the rhythm and cadence of a life internally well-lived, Finland Artist, GEA, has released a mesmerizing musical array of utterly unguarded openness, authenticity and vulnerability throughout ‘Butterflies’. Kicking off with a gentle flutter into the unknown, “Followers” is a track that glows in the morning sun and enlivens an emotional extravaganza of creativity that instrumentally unfurls beautifully like the birth of a galaxy.

The second track, “Pink”, leaves listeners engrossed in an interminable pool of enchanting wonder as GEA lyrically spreads her wings and grows through formidable fields of ecstasy that lead to her soul’s migration toward a land of colorful redemption.

“Friendship Hoax” is the third track which begins with an instrumental force that leads into a splendidly lush world lyrically pleading for authenticity within the connections that GEA creates in the physical.

The fourth track, “Alone”, slows it down and lyrically wanders into the purest truth without armor as GEA gradually acknowledges her current state of being beyond a looping state of mind. “Little Detail” is the fifth track which mimics the style of Lykke Li back in her ‘Youth Novels’ days as GEA spills lyrical bliss straight from her heart while engrossed in a vortex of art and eccentricity.

The sixth track, “Wind”, creates an eerie atmosphere and invites listeners into the sultry, crisp air that is whispering secrets to GEA’s instinctual bliss that is rippling through her being like crest waves under a kaleidoscope moon.

“Steps out of Sight” is the seventh track which adds a hefty dose of mystery as GEA attempts to step out of her shadow and into her highest self that is slowly coming to light within her idiosyncratic mind. The eighth track, “Real You and Me”, pulls at listeners heartstrings with a melancholic synth-pop style that blends with the lyrical desire to move beyond the confinements of the world.

“Enemy” is the ninth track in which GEA checks in with her internal map and analyzes the atmosphere and environments in which she places her energy and time. Closing out with “Butterflies”, GEA concludes with broadening her everyday awareness and decorative tapestry of observation within her everyday wonderland.

GEA is a multi-dimensional artist with a multi-faceted personal and worldly awareness, and ‘Butterflies’ is the musical equation of the ingestion of a powerful hallucinogen unanimously indenting stars into your ensorcelled esoteric reservoirs. If you’re a fan of artists such as Lamb, Sneaker Pimps, iamamiwhoami and Grimes, then check out what GEA has to offer.

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