The Sound of Snow: The New EP from award winning GEA

By WC Turck

Snow the debut single off award winning Finnish Artist GEA’s new EP Time could hardly be more appropriately named. It is the strength in subtly that helps define this artist. Snow is richly textured and dramatic right to the finish(No pun intended). Shades of Frida’s There’s Something Going On through an electronic prism.

GEA says that she “wrote the title song Snow after getting to know Agnes Obel’s music. Her music exploded in my heart into millions of beams of energy, making me want to improve as a songwriter. That led me to my piano, to write Snow. I have never watched the series Game of Thrones. But when I started to ask feedback about this song, everyone said that it should be in it. It is part of the story. Following the light of Agnes Obel, I was apparently led to drink from the same spring of inspiration as the writers of the series. Which was my first thought. But while the EP carries the mystique and drama of GOT, there is a depth here that feels far more personal.

At her core GEA is pure storyteller, harkening to the gentler moments of Kate Bush or Tori Amos. GEA is an adept lyricist, and an innate ability to fuse acoustic and electronic musical worlds together creates undiscovered musical experiences.  GEA sounds like a Nordic folk saga rendered with modern electro-acoustic production and glass-like vocals. Behind her unique nordic sound is the fact that her music falls into multiple categories, such as EDM, Art Pop, Indie Pop, Folk-pop, Dream Pop and more. Her angelic voice is healing and soothing, but with a playfulness underlying introspective compositions. Like Snow on a quiet Winter’s morning GEA’s music makes you forget your worries and brings you light.

GEA stunned Europe with the release of her debut album in September 2017. The album won accolades aroundthe world. The album topped the radio charts in the USA. The Hungton Post quoted, “Laura Avonius, who records under the moniker GEA, creates the kind of ethereal pop that draws comparisons to Sigur Ros. “Critics hailed the rst singles “Pink” and “Alone” as a cross between Bjork and Tori Amos. GEA’s songs are in a category all their own. NBT Music Radio in Germany nominated the her debut among “the best albums 2017”. GEA’s music video “Alone” won the “Hollywood Intl Golden Film Award” for best editing. “Pink” won “Best Soundtrack Award” at the Social Machinery Film Festival in Italy.

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